Sadat Kiram Lailatul Qadr Silat Photo Printout


  • All frame and print options here are related to this aqa maula photo.
  • photo code: Silat_3x2
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  • A unique and elegant photo print with a variety of frame designs and sizes.
  • This photograph is chosen from the collection of professional photographers.
  • This photograph is of dimension ‘3 by 2’; according to it, the customer has been given possible options for different dimensions.

Note: The best quality photograph undoubtedly. (quality of the photograph in the gallery is degraded in the website for security and copyright purposes, so don’t judge print quality by the photograph in the gallery)

Various Print and Frame Options for The Photograph

Only printout with matte finish lamination:

  • Includes waterproof ‘matte-finished’ laminated photograph sheet.
  • Shipping of the photograph will be done with the utmost care.

Only Printout on Canvas Material:

  • This print will be done on a canvas-material(extremely durable plain-woven fabric) which could be framed later on as per the customer’s choice.
  • Print on Canvas material gives a unique look to the photograph.
  • Usually, canvas material print is installed on a wooden frame.
  • Canvas material print looks elegant if the dimension of the photo is large and the background of the photograph has been given a painting effect.

Classical Frame with matte-finish laminated printout:

  • Photo & frame both are included in this product.
  • Photo of both maula will be printed on the same sheet and framed.
  • If the customer selects this product he also needs to select the width of the frame and design of the frame.
  • Usually, the small and medium-size photo looks good in 1-inch width frame.
  • Broader frames will look nice on large dimensions.
  • Framing is done in a professional way.
  • Backboards, framing profiles, and all other accessories of the best quality to make it durable and safe in shipping.
  • The dimension of the frame would be slightly bigger from the printout as all four sides would be covered by the customer-selected frame.
  • Product includes:
      • Photograph
      • Classical frame border panel
      • A hard sheet of  MDF with a plastic coating on the back
      • Hanger or hook either in the upper center position or two hooks on the upper side, depending on the size of the frame.

Printout on Canvas Material with wooden frame:

  • The print is done on canvas material and wrapped on a wooden frame.
  • Canvas is wrapped around the frame so that only print is visible not the frame.
  • The frame is made from square-cut long wooden sticks.
  • The frame will have horizontal and vertical extra supporting sticks if needed.
  • Otherwise, the frame will be hollow from the backside.

Acrylic Transparent Sandwich Frame with Photograph:

  • The photo is sandwiched between two transparent acrylic sheets.
  • Clear acrylic exactly looks like glass.
  • The acrylic sheets are break-resistant and give a clear view of the photo leading to no borders or frames.
  • The acrylic sheet would be larger than the photograph which will provide 1-3 inch border on all four sides.
  • The frame will include all required stainless steel studs and screw plugs.

Additional information

Print Size

12"x18", 14"x21", 16"x24", 20"x30", 24"x36"

Print Style

Photo Paper Matte Lamination, Canvas Print, Canvas Print with Embossing


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